Stockholm by bike

Stockholm is one of the most trendy cities in Europe. We couldn't wait to bring a visit to the capital of Sweden. From the international airport, a direct train service brought us right to the city center. From there, you can easily wander through Stockholm. However, most tourists on foot, will just explore Gamla Stan, the historic center. The areas around, however, are also waiting to be explored.

Guards at the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Royal Palace Stockholm

Stockholm is built on dozens of islands. There are not always direct links (bridges or ferry's) between the islands, meaning you sometimes have to make a detour to get from one place to the other. On foot, this can be tiresome. Of course, you can take the beautifully decorated metro, but as this runs underground, you won't see all the hidden secrets of the city. Instead, take a bicycle!

Stockholm by bike

With the Stockholm City Bike, you can get a relatively cheap bike to explore the city. You can buy a bike card in advance via the internet, or in one of the retailers in Stockholm. For three days, you pay SEK 165,- Subsequently, you can grab a Stockholm City Bike anywhere in the city, you don't have to bring it back to the same bike stand where you picked it up, as long as you bring it back to a Stockholm City Bike bike stand within three hours. However, please be aware that some locations (especially those on the foot of a hill) tend to fill-up pretty quickly. During the night, bicycle are redistributed throughout town, but once a bike stand is full you might have to search a while to find your bike a free spot.

We enjoyed it to explore Stockholm with the Stockholm City Bike. When we grabbed a bike from a bike stand, we just looked at the map to locate bike stands near important attractions. We were able to cycle to the Kaknästornet, had a ride in Djurgården or visited the Icebar by bike. All locations are within cycling range. Yet, not all roads have proper cycling conditions and we also experienced that not all drivers are quite used to cyclists on the road. But as long as you pay attention, cycling in Stockholm is relatively safe.

City Hall Stockholm

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