Te Araroa: Queenstown

We had been warned that Queenstown is an over expensive town. Well, we now can say that this is true. However, you can make it just as expensive as you want, especially if you can resist to take on all of the activities on offer. And there are a number of activities you can do as Queenstown is located ideally for outdoor enthusiasts: high mountains on one side of the town, and a large lake on the other side. We were able to resist all the tempting activities and did not a single of them. Ok, this is not entirely true. We did take the Skyline Gondola to Ben Lomond and enjoyed the splendid views at Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.
The remainder of our time in Queenstown, we primarily spend eating. We wanted to go to Fergburger, presumably the best burger in New Zealand. However, when we saw the queue, we knew we didn’t want to wait that long for a burger. On Friday morning we started our day at Vudu Café. A great place with very good food. Although tempting to go back for lunch, we bought our lunch at the supermarket (we know…). For dinner, we went to Joe’s Garage. Afterwards, we gave us another ice cream at Patagonia. Saturday, our planning was not much different. We started our day at Bespoke Kitchen (which appeared to be owned by the same people that own Vudu Café). Again, we bought our lunch at the supermarket. For dinner, we went to Devils Burger and the dessert was again an ice cream at Patagonia.
Maybe it is not just the activities that make Queenstown an expensive town…

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